Aeromechanical Conveying by AEROCON (aero-conveying, Aerocon conveyors) Aerocon provides a range of mechanical conveyors, bulk bag handling equipment, bag dump stations and similar equipment that provide a filterless alternative for clients when transferring bulk solids and powders.

pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveyingAero-Conveying is best defined as the movement of material using the desirable features of both pneumatic and mechanical conveying, and eliminating most of the disadvantages. The result is high volume, controlled transfer of dry materials (such as foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemical products), efficiently and economically, with little, if any, effect on the material, however friable and degradable.

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Bulk Bag Unloader with Gravity Diverter Valve
Powder Handling System for Calcium Stearate
New Bag Dump Station

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